Monday, October 13, 2008


As the sailing season winds down here in NJ the SAYC hosted it's last regatta of the fall season. The winds remained out of the Northeast most of the day and were blowing 10 knts. This led the course organizers to set the course in a configuration creating a downwind run for a better part of the course. At the start and although not in the best position at the starting gate SaLin quickly demonstrated her ability to out power most of the other boats on a beam reach and sailed to the first pin with a small lead over the other race participants. Rounding the first pin and sailing downwind on a wing-to-wing sail configuration the smaller, lighter boats had the advantage causing a loose of two positions along the way. Rounding the second gate and tacking up wind SaLin and her crew once again demonstrated the ability to use this point of sail to our advantage. This put us in a windfall position to the northern most gate. Although not in a postion to overtake the first place boat, the Hallie-Luna, the end result was Hallie-Luna securing the victory and SaLin taking a respectable forth overall. Many thanks to the members of SYAC for their hospitality and hosting a great fall regatta season of open racing. Till the Spring!

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